Bringing You to New


Tech Viking has its roots in Nordic Mythology.
Bringing Scandinavian Design, innovation, and power to the Philippines! The mixing of our two cultures, makes us even stronger and experienced, to bring you to your new marketing shores!

As a One-stop Marketing agency, we can help all sizes of businesses, with a big and measurable impact.


The Rune of Tyr. Strength that comes through balance! The good of the whole instead of the one. It is a rune for warriors, that gives strength.


Having an online presence, is a must in these modern times we are living in.

At Techviking we make your presence our priority, by supplying a innovative, user friendly website that put you directly on your customers screens wether it is mobile devices or a PC. All our websites include a very userfriendly CMS (content management system) for you to easily change and edit on your site.

With our experience within the modern online marketing industry we can proudly say that we have created websites for all coners of the world, Denmark, USA, Philippines.


A rune with many powers. It allows and strengthen us to reach our full potential. It empowers your mental well-being and planning skills while you execute your ideas.


The journey is the destination. This rune means to take the lead, with mastery of controlling situations, and establishing a creative process.


What our customers are saying about us

Tech Viking provided good output and outstanding service.

They were easy to approach and made the system easy to understand.

I highly regard their lasting customer service.

I would definitely recommend them.

We are very happy with the help from Techviking for our socialmedia posts and other marketing materials.

We gladly recommend Techvikings for any marketing tasks, both offline and online.

We can only give our warmest recommendations for the work Techviking has made for us. They have made a new webshop exactly as we wanted it to be since we do not have the skillset ourselves. Techviking has helped us with the setup and all the technical aspects for us to have a successful webshop.

I can only recommend working with Jimmy – I have had and still have the pleasure of working with Jimmy in connection with the production of a website (restaurant) and other online products for my company in Las Vegas (

Jimmy is welcoming service-minded and in no way overbearing. He listens to his customer / guest and his wishes. He is pleasant in dialogue and he is happy to share his opinions on what he sees works best for you and completely without dictating.

Should you be a little on the bare bottom in your vision and starting point for your product, he will be happy to come up with a draft / proposal for what can work. All in all, he delivers a great product and is a good sparring partner.


The rune of wealth and new beginnings. The rune is symbolizing wealth, and promotion. It reminds us to act in the present moment while drawing wealth to our new beginnings.